Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home From Ironstock

Well, we are back in Wisconsin. We had a wonderful weekend. Already booking our hotel room for next year. Ironstock is a Haunt Expo/Convention/really big party, put on in Tell City Indiana the last weekend in June every year. This event is put on by the Iron Kingdom and friends. The most wonderful group of people you could ever meet.

We arrived Thursday evening. Levi was pretty pooped, so we really didn't do much that night. We did run into a few other early arrivers though.

Friday we went swimming and then enjoyed the meet and greet put on in our hotel lobby, by Wormy T, Evilizabeth, and CandyMom (along with others.) There was a bbq fountain (like a chocolate fountain, but with bbq sauce in it. Meetballs, smokies, and brisket to dip in the fountain. There were wonderful candies made by CandyMom which included brains, fingers, and other assorted body parts, all different flavors. We brought a taco dip, and many others brought munchies too. So many wonderful people to meet.

Saturday morning we got to the grounds by 8:45, and stood in line to register for probably 15 minutes! It was fine though, it was a great time to meet more people. The weather was gorgeous. Low 80s and sunny (compared to years before where it is always in the upper 90s and terribly humid.) We registered, bought our raffle tickets, bought a tshirt, and headed back to the rapid remains game. Levi didn't want to watch or be a part of it, so him and I walked around a bit. Tim enjoyed it though, and his team won!

We enjoyed many wonderful demos. Levi hung out with the kids a bit, but also enjoyed some of the demos. We watched the coffin races, and participated in the tshirt toss, none of us got any though, we're not quite as aggressive as lots of them are. Still fun though! We then went back to our hotel room to eat and get ready for the Weasel Ball, costume dance.

This year's costumes didn't quite get done, so you will see those probably around Halloween, then we'll wear them for next year's Weasel Ball. We quickly threw together scrabble pieces for our costumes this year. They didn't have the bang that last year's TitHead and Hershey's Kiss of Death did, but they were cute. This year there was a wedding at the Weasel Ball, which was pretty great! We aren't late night party people, so we left a little while after the centerpiece judging. (We really need to do that next year!) And a few more songs. Then we got Levi from the babysitters and went back to the room.

Sunday morning, about 9:30 we got back to the fair grounds and enjoyed another demo, they picked some raffle tickets (Tim one some sensors donated by Nez.) The number 2 before us won the pirate... ARRRR! Said our good byes, and went back to our hotel. Tim and Levi swam a bit, then we went upstairs and turned in early since we had about a 12 hour ride home the next day.

It was a great weekend. I didn't take very many pictures. (I know I'm terrible!) I'm going to list some of the pictures that other people post if you are interested.

Bob-O Candid Video (some coffin races, tshirt toss, & others)

Wormy-Ts Pics
Thursday Pics

Friday Meet & Greet

Vampire Damien's

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