Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finishing my crochet, costumes, and top

Well, we are leaving for Ironstock Thursday morning. So the countdown has begun. We had certain costume plans, but we just completely ran out of time. So we went with plan B.... well, actually plan "A" and "T". We are scrabble pieces. Quick and cute, and Tim and I love to play scrabble, so it's sort of fitting. Plus they are a fairly universal costume, that anyone even our kids can borrow and wear again. So those are 100% finished! Yippee!!! I will post pics soon, but it may not be until we return from Indiana.

I am working on some crochet squares for a blankie square swap I am in. I am working on making a sheep in the middle. So far, I'm still unsure. I'll keep you updated!

I am also making a shirred top that I was hoping to be able to wear this weekend. I found this amazing Alexander Henry fabric in JoAnns the other day, and I had to buy it, and I want a cute little top to wear, since Ironstock it is about 100 degrees. I just need to make it so it will cover my bra straps. I'm not a tiny woman, and no one wants my breasts popping out of my top! Ok, hubby wouldn't mind, but this is a fairly family oriented event!
I have the whole top done except the straps and the hem. So hopefully by tonight.

I am bringing some projects along, I really hope that I can get quite a bit accomplished in the 10 hour drive. Hopefully I will have a few finished projects to post when I get back, not to mention just general Ironstock pics!

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