Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mario room beginnings

Well, today is Levi's 10th birthday, and for his birthday he wanted his bedroom decorated. The boy has been obsessed with Mario Brothers since birth I swear! Well, when he was thinking of a theme he didn't have to go far. He wanted Mario.
So last night we took everything out of his room. This morning so far I have washed down all the walls. Now, I am taking a small break to let things dry, and then I will start taping. His room was originally 2 rooms, but before we bought the place it was converted into one, it's a small room, and sort of weird shaped, and a sort of cruddy "closet" in there, but he likes it as is, and the paint alone was quite expensive, so we are just painting and ignoring the weirdness, hoping that it will add to the mario cuteness! After my little break, I will go up and take some before pictures. Then on my next break I will try to post them. It's been a while since I've painted a room, I'm excited, but already exhausted!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not a happy post

Sorry, this isn't a happy post again. I haven't been on in quite awhile. My sister has gone into the hospital again. She has epilepsy and has for quite a few years. Now a little background, my sister and I have never had a good relationship, for many many reasons. Last year I had one of her daughters living with us (for almost a year.) The other 2 girls have a different father, this one's father is a terrible man, so she wasn't going to stay with him, and my sister was choosing to not take her medication, so she would keep having seizures. Not a safe place for a 1-2 year old! Anyway, she was finally taking her meds, getting her life back the way it should be. Then last week, she had 4 grand mal (spelling is probably off, but basically really bad seizures!) in about a 2 hour span. She went to the hospital and the did some tests, her levels were good (meaning she's been taking her medication!) but she has huge lesions on her brain. (NOT GOOD!) The doctor's first thought was that she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but it could be other things. So we are waiting on that. She is now finally out of the hospital, with no idea why she had the seizures, and no idea what the lesions are from. All we can do now is wait. So I have been very busy trying to help with anything I can. I have also been extremely busy at work, and trying to get my swap package out [LATE! =( ]
So that's about all I have to say. And I feel terrible because I was working so hard to get my swap out, that I didn't get a picture of the apron or the dishcloths or the pot holder or anything.

I am hoping that the next post will be much more fun and happy.....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Yippee my machine is back, and I'm so far behind!

I am glad to have my machine back. I got him back Friday night, unfortunately I was gone all weekend, and I have SOOO many projects that were already supposed to be out. I feel terrible! My swap package was supposed to be out over a week ago, and I'm not totally done with it. My niece's birthday presents aren't finished yet. I have 2 orders on different bags, that aren't complete yet. My kids put off deciding on their costumes, but FINALLY have, so now I have those to make. I am working all day at the preschool, I have to work after that for a few hours at the other school. When will I get everything done??

Ok, vent is done!

Liam had his soccer tournaments this weekend. That's where we were. It was GORGEOUS weather. Last year it was windy and snow, so I won't complain about low 70s and sun! He won his league in first place. He won his tournaments in first place. So he got 2 medals and a cute trophy, (which he forgot at grandmas's) so I'll post pictures of him with his stuff after he gets them back!