Monday, October 09, 2006

Yippee my machine is back, and I'm so far behind!

I am glad to have my machine back. I got him back Friday night, unfortunately I was gone all weekend, and I have SOOO many projects that were already supposed to be out. I feel terrible! My swap package was supposed to be out over a week ago, and I'm not totally done with it. My niece's birthday presents aren't finished yet. I have 2 orders on different bags, that aren't complete yet. My kids put off deciding on their costumes, but FINALLY have, so now I have those to make. I am working all day at the preschool, I have to work after that for a few hours at the other school. When will I get everything done??

Ok, vent is done!

Liam had his soccer tournaments this weekend. That's where we were. It was GORGEOUS weather. Last year it was windy and snow, so I won't complain about low 70s and sun! He won his league in first place. He won his tournaments in first place. So he got 2 medals and a cute trophy, (which he forgot at grandmas's) so I'll post pictures of him with his stuff after he gets them back!

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