Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mario room beginnings

Well, today is Levi's 10th birthday, and for his birthday he wanted his bedroom decorated. The boy has been obsessed with Mario Brothers since birth I swear! Well, when he was thinking of a theme he didn't have to go far. He wanted Mario.
So last night we took everything out of his room. This morning so far I have washed down all the walls. Now, I am taking a small break to let things dry, and then I will start taping. His room was originally 2 rooms, but before we bought the place it was converted into one, it's a small room, and sort of weird shaped, and a sort of cruddy "closet" in there, but he likes it as is, and the paint alone was quite expensive, so we are just painting and ignoring the weirdness, hoping that it will add to the mario cuteness! After my little break, I will go up and take some before pictures. Then on my next break I will try to post them. It's been a while since I've painted a room, I'm excited, but already exhausted!

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