Monday, March 19, 2007

Meet The Greens

I stumbled on this. I think it's got great potential. I like to spread the word. Hopefully it's good and lasts!

This is a little something it said on their website to explain them;

"THE GREENS: a cool kids' site about looking after the planet @
THE GREENS: a cool kids' site about looking after the planet. is produced by the award-winning kids team at WGBH Interactive in Boston. is a new kids' guide to looking after the planet. Kids can watch THE GREENS' cartoon adventures and discover related green games, news, downloads, a blog, action tips, links, and much more. This innovative, Web-only project comes from WGBH in Boston, the producer of shows like ZOOM, ARTHUR, Frontline & NOVA."

New Camera YIPEE!!

I got a new camera (thank god for tax returns!) I love it! I am still learning all of the fun stuff. I didn't get to take any fabulous shots yet. I only got it last night. Here is really the only one I have so far, but I'm quite sure there are many more to come as I start to learn all the bells and whistles!

I give you....


He's so cute with his hair way too long and his facial hair,( which I dispise!)
He wants me to cut his hair so badly, but I think it's cute all curly so I've been putting it off. Now that it's getting warmer he'll make me do it. Anyway, this is my muffin!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Craftsters are the best people in the world!

I was having a really really bad day today. I have been dealing with a lot of junk since my sister passed away, and it's been coming to a boiling point the last few days. Today I broke down and started crying at work. Now for some that's ok, but I don't like to cry in front of people. It really bothers me, I don't know why. Well, I did break down at work, and then I broke down at home. I have just been having a really really terrible day. We have an appointment tonight with a psychiatrist for Jorden tonight, and I'm really not looking forward to it. Well, my sons came home from school and my middle one Liam said, "mom, there's a box out here for you." I haven't ordered anything in awhile, my swaps aren't sending out or anything yet, I have no idea what it could be.
I look at the box and immediately recognize the name and address is from one of the women I have swapped with a few times. I had no idea what could be in it.

I open it up and there is a lot of fabric with ribbons around it. And on the top is a note from Cheryl (zenochka on craftster.) In the note she explains that many of the ladies in the Fat Quarter Swap that I had recently organized got together and made me a fabric care package to cheer me up. Now I know you can't see this, but I am having a hard time not crying my eyes out now, can you imagine what I was like when I opened it. I honestly really haven't had a chance to do any crafting since my sister died (minus painting Jorden's room.) The fabrics are lovely and I can tell that a lot of thought was put into them, because they are perfect for me.

Here I organized the swap, and these wonderful (which I can't think of a big enough word to describe how fabulous they are,) women organized this. I can't possibly thank them enough. This has warmed my heart and helped me so far on my darkest day.

Thank you zenochka, BlondGirl, nixkisses, iheartsushi, igobylorib, stacysews, & moilulu

Craftsters really are the best people in the world! Thank you all so much. Now I had better go before my tears short out the keyboard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Camera is Toast

I am so upset, my lovely, darling, children have in fact broken my digital camera. Funds do not allow me to get a new one. So unless we get a lot more sun so that I can use my son's flashless camera there will be few pictures for a bit.

However, everyone around us has gotten the flu and we seem to have been missed. So we have our health!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

We recently took the kids away for a bit, and I thought I'd share some pics. We went to a local year long indoor funpark thing.

Here's a group shot, goofy guys, they can never take a decent photo together.

Here's Jorden dancing. She's singing along too, but you can't obviously hear her.

Here Jorden & Tim are playing a ball tossing game together.

Liam is deep in concentration, trying to get a ball through a moving target.

Here you can see Lore in the bumper cars and Liam in the background.

Not a great picture of Levi on the bumper cars, but he seemed to be avoiding my camera that day.