Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home From Ironstock

Well, we are back in Wisconsin. We had a wonderful weekend. Already booking our hotel room for next year. Ironstock is a Haunt Expo/Convention/really big party, put on in Tell City Indiana the last weekend in June every year. This event is put on by the Iron Kingdom and friends. The most wonderful group of people you could ever meet.

We arrived Thursday evening. Levi was pretty pooped, so we really didn't do much that night. We did run into a few other early arrivers though.

Friday we went swimming and then enjoyed the meet and greet put on in our hotel lobby, by Wormy T, Evilizabeth, and CandyMom (along with others.) There was a bbq fountain (like a chocolate fountain, but with bbq sauce in it. Meetballs, smokies, and brisket to dip in the fountain. There were wonderful candies made by CandyMom which included brains, fingers, and other assorted body parts, all different flavors. We brought a taco dip, and many others brought munchies too. So many wonderful people to meet.

Saturday morning we got to the grounds by 8:45, and stood in line to register for probably 15 minutes! It was fine though, it was a great time to meet more people. The weather was gorgeous. Low 80s and sunny (compared to years before where it is always in the upper 90s and terribly humid.) We registered, bought our raffle tickets, bought a tshirt, and headed back to the rapid remains game. Levi didn't want to watch or be a part of it, so him and I walked around a bit. Tim enjoyed it though, and his team won!

We enjoyed many wonderful demos. Levi hung out with the kids a bit, but also enjoyed some of the demos. We watched the coffin races, and participated in the tshirt toss, none of us got any though, we're not quite as aggressive as lots of them are. Still fun though! We then went back to our hotel room to eat and get ready for the Weasel Ball, costume dance.

This year's costumes didn't quite get done, so you will see those probably around Halloween, then we'll wear them for next year's Weasel Ball. We quickly threw together scrabble pieces for our costumes this year. They didn't have the bang that last year's TitHead and Hershey's Kiss of Death did, but they were cute. This year there was a wedding at the Weasel Ball, which was pretty great! We aren't late night party people, so we left a little while after the centerpiece judging. (We really need to do that next year!) And a few more songs. Then we got Levi from the babysitters and went back to the room.

Sunday morning, about 9:30 we got back to the fair grounds and enjoyed another demo, they picked some raffle tickets (Tim one some sensors donated by Nez.) The number 2 before us won the pirate... ARRRR! Said our good byes, and went back to our hotel. Tim and Levi swam a bit, then we went upstairs and turned in early since we had about a 12 hour ride home the next day.

It was a great weekend. I didn't take very many pictures. (I know I'm terrible!) I'm going to list some of the pictures that other people post if you are interested.

Bob-O Candid Video (some coffin races, tshirt toss, & others)

Wormy-Ts Pics
Thursday Pics

Friday Meet & Greet

Vampire Damien's

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm in Indiana

Well, I'm in Indiana right now. It's the day of the meet & greet. The main festivities begin tomorrow. I'm really too warm to crochet much, but I'm trying. It is a lot cooler than last year, but there is also more rain. We had some room issues already, and they gave us a different room. I just hope that it doesn't screw up someone else's plans. We were in a room with a single king bed (Levi brought his sleeping bag,) because it was the only room left when we made our reservations, but right now we are in a double-double room. So I hope no one is really pissed that they don't have 2 beds when they had probably reserved and were planning on 2 beds. But the desk said that this is right, and we need to be here, so who are we to complain. Anyway, I should get back, just thought I'd check in.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finishing my crochet, costumes, and top

Well, we are leaving for Ironstock Thursday morning. So the countdown has begun. We had certain costume plans, but we just completely ran out of time. So we went with plan B.... well, actually plan "A" and "T". We are scrabble pieces. Quick and cute, and Tim and I love to play scrabble, so it's sort of fitting. Plus they are a fairly universal costume, that anyone even our kids can borrow and wear again. So those are 100% finished! Yippee!!! I will post pics soon, but it may not be until we return from Indiana.

I am working on some crochet squares for a blankie square swap I am in. I am working on making a sheep in the middle. So far, I'm still unsure. I'll keep you updated!

I am also making a shirred top that I was hoping to be able to wear this weekend. I found this amazing Alexander Henry fabric in JoAnns the other day, and I had to buy it, and I want a cute little top to wear, since Ironstock it is about 100 degrees. I just need to make it so it will cover my bra straps. I'm not a tiny woman, and no one wants my breasts popping out of my top! Ok, hubby wouldn't mind, but this is a fairly family oriented event!
I have the whole top done except the straps and the hem. So hopefully by tonight.

I am bringing some projects along, I really hope that I can get quite a bit accomplished in the 10 hour drive. Hopefully I will have a few finished projects to post when I get back, not to mention just general Ironstock pics!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Unconditional Swapping Goodness!

I received from Writer78 last night. I got the greatest swap stuff. She really must have paid attention, because everything she gave me was perfect!
Here is a picture of the front of an altoids tin that she altered for me. It has coats of arms and the really neat stone looking paper. Also the little card she sent me.

Here are all my inside goodies. A beaded necklace, 2 pairs of earrings, a cute drawstring bag to keep them in. Some Happy Halloween ribbon. And LOTS OF KEYS!!! I love keys so much!

I was so excited I teared up a bit when I opened it!

Lucky Lucky Me!

I sent some supplies to dontlookback, and she received them. I hope she's as happy as I am. I have 2 other packages out right now, but those were going out of the country, so I don't know how long they will take to get there.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wistlists..... Who wists me?

Have you ever made something that you thought was really great, but you don't get any replies on it? Then you figure, no one else likes it. Well, that happened to me. I made a purse for a swap that I thought was great, sent it off, received a nice thank you. Then posted about it on craftster and really got very few responses. I thought, maybe it wasn't as great as I thought it was.

Well, the other day I was browsing people's wist lists and found that a whole lot of people put that bag on their wistlist! I knew nothing. I wish there was a way you could find out who has wisted you.

I got my bobbies!

I received some wonderful swap goodies in the mail last night. I got some of the neatest bobby pins for my new short hair.

I know another horrible sideways picture. Plus my hair is still wet, and I have no makeup or anything on.... but come on, I actually took a picture!

To see more pictures of them up close you can go to the unconditional june swap gallery page. They are at the bottom of the page. The ones in the pic above are silver sort of filigree style with little pink jewels. Another pair are fimo snail beads, and last, but certainly not least are a pair of gryffindor ones! Thanks so much zenochka!

Friday, June 09, 2006

posting problems

Well, I had a few different posts done, they were wonderful, articulate, witty, you name it.... however, either blogger hates me, or it's my computer. All of the updates I did (and there were quite a few) have been lost into the abyss.

So, the REALLY shortened version of updates from the past week;

School ended last week. So my kids were home.... [insert antics]

Tim's family came up. Enjoyed each other.... fun was had

A family friend died, so we had to help clean out her house. I got a whole bunch of craft stuff. (Didn't really ask for it, but got it, so need to find something to do with it.)

Worked in garden,

Found out we need an assesment, which sucks because we finally moved things around to start remodeling, and now have to move these things back. GRRR

Went to the park many times

Baseball, baseball, baseball..... Squirt league is a joke. They let the kids run the bases even when they are out, all kids bat every inning. All kids field every inning. There is no score..... How are you teaching them anything, and how the heck are they going to do tournaments if you can't eliminate them. There is no score.

Kids started summer school up on Thursday. They love it!

My hair won't take dye very well unless I lighten it, that sucks.

I REALLY need to work on the costumes for Weasel Ball or they won't be done.

NEARLY finished with the gifts for the showers.

I think that is it for now.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A No Crafting Weekend

Well, I had a very busy weekend. Tim's family came up. We only get to see some of them about once a year, and usually not all of them. We haven't seen some of them for years. So it was nice. All of the kids got along great which is nice.

Unfortunately with the beautiful weather and Tim's family around I wasn't able to get any crafting done. And now that school's out for awhile. I probably won't have a chance to do any crocheting or anything during the day. Levi's baseball game is tonight, but I have been designated score keeper, so that counts that out. I might have a chance on Thursday, when the boys start summer school. But they aren't gone very long.
So unfortunately it looks as though my summer updates could be quite low in project posts =( We'll see!

Hair cuts!

Ok, I am terrible at getting pictures taken when it's important. I'm honestly always terrible at taking pictures when I want them. And yes, I forgot to take a picture of before I got my hair cut..... so I only have an after shot or two.
Here's a horrible sideways one of my new hair. And bonus... my messy kitchen!

Here is a picture of me outside taken by my five year old, of me holding my hair to donate. I wasn't sure I'd have enough to donate, and here I measured it and I had over 15 inches! (thankfully you get to pull curls straight!)

I really don't love it yet. I like the back quite a bit, but the front I can't quite figure it out. Also I HATE the color. This is my natural color, (minus a few grey spots that I cover with a black sharpie)
I have never liked my natural color. So much so that no one has seen my natural color since I was 12. I was planning on coloring it purple, but the purple isn't showing up with my dark black hair, so I'm going to have to lighten it first, then dye it purple. I'll keep you all updated!

This is Lore, he's my 5 year old. He was sweating so badly after the park yesterday that he asked me to shave his head "bald". Well, it was so long I had to go skim it down a bit. After I got it all skimmed down, he decided he wanted a "zigzag mohawk" so this is what he got. He loved showing it off today on their last day of school!

I did however, forget that my husband's family is coming this weekend from all over the country, so ooops! Many of them haven't met Lore yet, so it may not quite be the cute little respectable boy that they were expecting, but oh well, he loves it!