Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm in Indiana

Well, I'm in Indiana right now. It's the day of the meet & greet. The main festivities begin tomorrow. I'm really too warm to crochet much, but I'm trying. It is a lot cooler than last year, but there is also more rain. We had some room issues already, and they gave us a different room. I just hope that it doesn't screw up someone else's plans. We were in a room with a single king bed (Levi brought his sleeping bag,) because it was the only room left when we made our reservations, but right now we are in a double-double room. So I hope no one is really pissed that they don't have 2 beds when they had probably reserved and were planning on 2 beds. But the desk said that this is right, and we need to be here, so who are we to complain. Anyway, I should get back, just thought I'd check in.

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