Friday, June 02, 2006

Hair cuts!

Ok, I am terrible at getting pictures taken when it's important. I'm honestly always terrible at taking pictures when I want them. And yes, I forgot to take a picture of before I got my hair cut..... so I only have an after shot or two.
Here's a horrible sideways one of my new hair. And bonus... my messy kitchen!

Here is a picture of me outside taken by my five year old, of me holding my hair to donate. I wasn't sure I'd have enough to donate, and here I measured it and I had over 15 inches! (thankfully you get to pull curls straight!)

I really don't love it yet. I like the back quite a bit, but the front I can't quite figure it out. Also I HATE the color. This is my natural color, (minus a few grey spots that I cover with a black sharpie)
I have never liked my natural color. So much so that no one has seen my natural color since I was 12. I was planning on coloring it purple, but the purple isn't showing up with my dark black hair, so I'm going to have to lighten it first, then dye it purple. I'll keep you all updated!

This is Lore, he's my 5 year old. He was sweating so badly after the park yesterday that he asked me to shave his head "bald". Well, it was so long I had to go skim it down a bit. After I got it all skimmed down, he decided he wanted a "zigzag mohawk" so this is what he got. He loved showing it off today on their last day of school!

I did however, forget that my husband's family is coming this weekend from all over the country, so ooops! Many of them haven't met Lore yet, so it may not quite be the cute little respectable boy that they were expecting, but oh well, he loves it!

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