Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swim Suit Annoyance

Well, with the long holiday weekend here, we've been swimming a lot. I hate my swimsuit (as many people do). I hate shopping for the darn things too (as I think everyone does,) so I've decided I want a swim suit that I love. Now there is nothing I can do to hide, or cover all the areas of my body that I am a bit self-concious about, but I think I can make something that is cute and fun and will make me feel ok about swimming, plus it WILL fit! So that is why I haven't been posting lately I am drafting a pattern, and figuring out what I need/want, etc... I started on it already. They didn't have the fabric that I wanted, but I found a cute pink fabric with black dots (I was hoping for brown bottom that match something with brown on top, but didn't happen) So I am making black bottoms with pink and black top. My machine died for a bit but I got it running again. And I am hoping to finish soon. This is all very new to me. I don't really make much as far as clothing (besides costumes which don't have to be perfect, or baby clothes which are way smaller!) or stretchy fabric. So wish me luck. I will probably not post a pic of me in it, but you may see me post a pic of it itself.

Other than that I have been making a scarf for my mother-in-law, which I showed her, and she decided she wanted the whole thing wider. So now I have to frog it all, (pain in the butt because it's a weird yarn that she picked.) And I have been cutting tons of 1.5" squares out of cotton fabric, I want to desperately make a postage stamp quilt, but I would rather not repeat fabrics if possible. So I need TONS of different fabric squares. I joined a swap, so that will help. If any of you would care to swap or simply send me small scraps, I'd love you forever!!!

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