Monday, July 10, 2006

Liam HP Card Monster

Well, my middle son Liam and I were home alone on Saturday. This is a rare event. And he kept showing me his Harry Potter cards, but as he pulled them out of his pocket, they sort of flew around all over the place. So I suggested a case to put them in. I told him we could make it. He responded by telling me no, only if a cool monster could hold them, would he want a case. Well, the boy asks and the boy receives! So this is what he and I put together on Saturday. He did most of the sewing, while I did most of the cutting.
He calls him Super Blue, and you can't see it, but he has a clip on the back that can attatch to Liam's belt loops. He loves him

Here's an open shot with the cards in.


kirsty said...

Hey Tab! Hi! Nice to visit your blog. Wow, you are a gun crochet chick! Your quilt is going to look so fabulous. Kind of makes me wish I'd chosen to do a postage stamp quilt. Hmmm, maybe next time...

platitudinal said...

Super Blue is monstrously adorable! You are such a wonderfully creative mom :)