Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, we went to the Dells this weekend with some of my in-laws. We had a pretty good time, but we did get a bit sunburned. My dad has always called me TabberTot, so he thinks it's hilarious to call me Bunt TabberTots. It irks me that I NEVER used to burn when I was a kid, then I went to California for the summer and I got quite severely burned, and now I'm white (I was always very dark skinned,) and I burn. It sucks. We put sunscreen on all the time, but yet I still got burned.

Crafting wise I didn't get much done, I did make a decision though. I changed my mind a little bit on the postage square quilt. Not a lot, still rainbow in effect, just instead of wider diagonal strips, I'm going to do a bit narrower diamonds. So I ripped up all my finished squares. And now after I move my living room around (I got bored with it,) I will start sewing that together again. I'll post pictures soon. That's about it.

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