Monday, May 08, 2006

I Burned Yarn!

I was dying my yarn today for a hat that I am making for a swap. I am dying a whole bunch of small pieces a whole bunch of colors. So I don't need a lot of water/dye, and I was keeping a really good eye on everything, until my older boys came home. Now, Wednesdays are really busy at my house, we have to quick get homework done, then rush over to dance class. In between one dance class and another we have 45 minutes to quick get some supper. Not enough time to get home and eat either btw.
Anyway, I was helping with homework, and totally forgot to keep an eye on my simmering yarn, when all of a sudden I smelled something horrible. I look into the kitchen to see that my kitchen is full of smoke......

So long story-short. My house smells like burning wool! It's just horrible. Not to mention I feel really stupid. I never burn things like that.
But I did learn my lesson, so I won't dye anything with out me staying in the room with it!

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