Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, I see I haven't posted much in a bit, so I thought I should just quick throw something out here. I have been slammed by allergies, like I do every year. I really can't complain, since as far as we can tell I'm only allergic to lilacs, but it is 2-3 weeks of hell. Nothing seems to work. All the horrible meds that doctors try to put me on. All of the natural stuff, nothing helps. So I haven't been terribly productive. Also I'm waiting for a delivery to make one item from a swap I'm in. which the send date is already past. It's never taken this long to get items from this store, but oh well. I'll get it out as soon as it arrives. I did finish the baby hat for another swap. I'll post pics of that soon. That's about all for now.

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