Monday, May 15, 2006

Crazy Harry Potter Obsession

What is it with this darn series of books? I am a grown adult, I am not supposed to be obsessing over things like this anymore. Ok, I'm an adult by age at least. JK just did too darn good of a job sucking all of us in I guess. Even though I swore off swaps, and my hubby is getting a bit cranky with me since we are a bit low in funds right now, and trying to save for some desperately needed house remodeling. And my complete lack of time. I signed up for the Fav. Character swap on I am so ashamed, yet SO EXCITED!

Now we had to whittle our favorites down to ONLY 2 characters. However, lucky for me, they were counting Fred & George together as one character. How dare they, but they did!
So my 2 favs of the moment are Fred & George, and my longtime, never wavering favorite of Dobby the house elf.

It seems that most people's favorites (at least of the vocal ones on Craftster) seem to be Snape, Draco, & Cedric. So I'm sort of trying to pre-plan a bit by thinking of different projects for the different characters. Oooh, so much fun, but lots of stress for me too, as I always worry my stuff isn't good enough and such. Oh, well, we don't need me sharing all of my neurosis. So I guess stay tuned to see what types of things I make and receive!

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