Friday, April 21, 2006

When To Name A Baby

Now, as I've mentioned on my blog I have a lot of friends and family having babies. Some are choosing to find out the gender by an early ultrasound, others must have amniocentesis where the gender is guaranteed, others still are choosing not to find out. Having 3 kids of my own, I know what a big deal it is to name a person. This is a name they will live with most likely their entire life, (or at least probably til adulthood.) I know my husband and I picked out names before our children were born. With my middle son I changed my mind in the last 2 weeks. Also even though we were told with 2 of my boys (the 3rd was a stinker and even though I had many ultrasounds he wouldn't show gender,) that we were supposed to have boys (by ultrasound) we always had a girl back up name just in case. When I was pregnant with my first son there were 10 of us in my parenting class, all of us were told we were having boys (according to the ultrasounds,) I was the only one to actually have a boy! All of the rest were girls.

Ok, now that I've given you a bit of background, one of my cousins is having a girl (according to a 20 week along ultrasound,) she has bought nothing but pink, and has even named her Olivia. They printed the name of this baby-to-be on the baby shower invitation. She's not due until August! Does anyone else find this a bit early to be publishing the name of this baby when there is no 100% guarantee she is really having a girl? Am I the only one who finds this extremely odd? Is this a common practice that I have just been out of the loop in the last 5 years since my last son was born?
Ok, sorry for the rant, I just really had to get this off my chest. Back to crafting!

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