Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring Bag Swap

Well, I finished my bag for the spring bag swap on craftster.org. It isn't exactly what she was asking for, but it sort of combined some of the bags she was asking for. I really hope she likes it.

My son didn't really want to pose for this picture, but he did. And it was funny, while we were out taking this picture, a group of 4 women went by. I hadn't even seen them, as I was trying to make sure Lore (my son) wasn't dragging the bag, but she screamed, ran up to him, and begged me to make her one. I have no idea what to charge her. Anyway, I told her it wouldn't be done until July, and she said that would be fine, so I'll have enough time.

I got sick after my kids got better this weekend. So I didn't have much progress on anything, and my house is pretty much a mess. But I have all my swaps fulfilled which is a good feeling. Tim, (my hubby,) has hit his first slow down in over 6 years at work, so we have little extra money coming in. So I have to stay away from the swaps for awhile. UGGHH!

The weather has been wonderful though, so I certainly can't complain about that. Baseball practice has begun, so I spend most of my evening watching the boys practice. It is supposed to rain a bit the end of this week, but I hope it is only a little, since I'm chaperoning a field trip to the zoo.

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