Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Going To Ironstock

Well, even though we can't afford it, and we have roughly a million other things we're supposed to be doing, we are going to Ironstock. Ironstock is a Haunters Gathering located in Tell City, Indiana. We went last year and had a ball. This year the oldest boy wants to come too. So that's the plan. Now we have to make costumes and Tim (hubby,) wants to make a centerpiece this year. So we have all of this to do. We also have tons of baby and bridal showers, and weddings. Oh, did I mention that WE'RE BROKE! Tim's job has cut back hours, first time in 6 years, so no extra money coming in, (in fact less money!) and lots more going out. AHHHHH. But I am really excited. So stay tuned for updates on our costumes (sure to be scary, creepy, or really neat.) and possibly our centerpiece.

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