Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baby It's Cold In Here!

Well, yesterday we hit a bit of a cold snap. The high was in the upper 40s, but with the wind it was really quite cold. Well, it's nearly May damn it, and I refuse to turn on my heat. So yesterday it was bearable in the house (it took a while for the built up warm to go away,) but today it is frickn chilly. I can't wait til the sun comes up a bit more so I can open the windows, then it will be nice.

I have been trying to keep all of my flower squares together so that I can actually finish an afghan made from squares (not ever to be accomplished by me so far in my life.) I'm getting close. I realized I made the squares using a larger hook than I should have, so it is a bit holier (that's not a word) than I had hoped, but it is turning out quite lovely regardless. I also found out that the fabric I wanted to use to make a matching changing pad, I won't have enough and the store doesn't have anymore. I should have bought the whole bolt when I found it, but I was afraid the hubby would kill me. Now I'm kicking myself.

I am hoping to post a pic of the afghan progress later today. So I guess.... stay tuned!

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