Thursday, April 27, 2006

Square Dancin'

Well, blogger has been a bit cranky about me posting pics, so we'll try this again!

I have many squares done for the baby blanket I'm making. I just have no idea how to join them together.

This way has a pink border between each piece.


This way, which I'm pretty sure is a more normal way to join. I'm not quite sure which to do. And I don't really want to spend too much time joining one way to then decide I don't like it and want it a different way. Anyone have thoughts?


LauraJ said...

hello, I found your blog through crafster. I like the first pic with the pink in between the rows. For a baby blanket it adds texture, something great for babies and it's more visually appealing with the pink in the rows.

Tab said...

Thank you so much. That is the way I am doing it now. I agree about the texture and the visual appeal.