Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Little Sicko-s

Well, I had all these plans for yesterday to get almost all of my started projects done. My kids were going to friends' houses after school, so I was going to have ALL day. Then today and tomorrow (Easter break from school,) were supposed to be only for having fun. Unfortunately the sickness that was spreading through the school last week, has finally hit my family. Over the holiday weekend too. My youngest came home at a bit before 9am. And my oldest came home sick at noon. My middle son said he was fine at school, but on his way home he started not feeling well. UGGGHHH! I know they're sick and I feel really bad for them and all, but they expect me to do EVERYTHING for them, and then they think they can play XBOX and everything else. I haven't gotten anything done. I have swap packages that need to get out, and I must stick to a schedule to get everything done for June.....

Ok, I got that off of my chest. Even though they have been annoying the crap out of me (I do really love them!) I have made one tiny newborn hat for one of my cousin's baby showers. She found out she is having a girl, so luckily I can adjust my crafting to the girl instead of a question mark. I also started on a baby blanket for her.

The little hat fits perfectly on an orange. The flower didn't show up very well on the pic, but it's adorable. It won't be worn long because it's so small, but it will be adorable while she does. I may make her another one the same, but a bit bigger, so she can wear it longer.

I love the flower. I was sort of tinkering around and came up with this. I love it! I usually lose squares when I attempt to make a blanket from them, but this time I'm going to be more careful, I hope.

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