Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sick Kids

Well, after the funeral, everyone got sick. Alia & her step brother Austin have strep throat. Alyssa has an infection, my niece Ambrosia has pneumonia, and so does Alia and Alyssa's Step-mother Tiffany. Lore has diarrhea. I don't know what Jorden has but she has been sleeping alot today and she's had loose poops and just not herself. I really hope that she'll be feeling better soon. She was supposed to have a visit with her dad tonight, and I feel really bad that she won't be able to go. She's very confused, and misses her mommy very much. I'm very glad that she has been able to come stay with us. She lived here for awhile and is quite comfortable with our family and our house. She thinks of the boys as brothers (almost.) I love to see how happy she is when she's here. She's been a little apprehensive everywhere else. There have been so many people at the funeral home and the church for the funeral, it is really great to just see her smile when she feels safe and comfortable here.

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