Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Funday Monday!!

Monday was a pretty good day! Jorden and I made a snow man
Jorden with our snowman.

Jo and the boys posing after school with the snowman

It was beautiful with the fresh falling snow. We're working on cleaning out my craftroom, so she can have a bedroom. The contracts came and it looks like she will be living here nearly full time for 8 months. Her dad will gradually get more visitation so they can get to know each other. Once she does go to her dad's full time (next fall) she will be coming here for daycare when her dad and step mom are working. So at least I will get to see her. We are busy trying to make her a more permanent spot, a place of her own. My craft room/storage room will move upstairs and her bedroom will go in there. After she moves out it will turn into more of a playroom for her and the boys.

Here's where she's been staying until we had a more permanent place. Plus she was close to the bathroom and VERY close to us so if she needed us we could be there. Obviously it's not ideal, so we need to remedy it.

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