Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I love my boys, but.....

I've about had enough! It has been bitterly cold here. Crazy cold, so cold that school has been canceled because of the cold. Monday it was 35-40 degrees below zero, Tuesday was the same. Today was also cold. These kids haven't been able to play outside for over a week. Even at school during recess it's indoors. The kids are getting cranky and on each other's nerves, and to be completely honest, they are absolutely on my nerves!
Now they have a half day of school tomorrow and off on Friday and it is still supposed to be super cold. Not only can they not go outside, but they are cooped up in the house. My house has gotten quite messy, just from being around. I am going stir crazy and they are too. I think Friday we are going to just have a crafty crazy day. We'll get our Valentine's done and maybe some decorations and maybe even some baking too.

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