Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bedroom makings!

Well, I'm still working hard on trying to get Jorden's new bedroom cleaned out. It has really dingy white walls, so I think I must paint. I'm not sure what my gut says brown and pink and orange.... but this will be the boys playroom too, so I must pull that urge back a bit. I have kicked around tangerine orange, robins egg blue, or lime green. It's a small room, but it needs color! I think any of these would look nice with dark brown. I think I will have to keep the trim white, but the door panels and such can be brown.
Please don't mind the mess, like I said I'm still trying to clear it out. There are 2 doors one to the living room, and one to the basement (VERY well locked!) There is one window and a small "closet" cabinet with shelves.
I really want to do something fun and funky in there. I'd love to use some found or recycled materials. I think I'm still too overwhelmed to have any creative juices for the moment. The paint will need to be done soon, the other stuff I can do a bit at a time. (Oh it's really ugly brown carpet, but it will have to stay for a while.) Any help would be great! Thanks

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