Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Naughty Blogger!

Well, I'm a pretty crappy blogger. I haven't been on much. For that I am sorry. Here is a big update on pretty much everything I can think of.

Well, my dad had surgery.... it got infected.... he got better. Now he's fine!

Levi's teacher gave him 2 weeknights to do an assignment that is crazy. He has to make a 3D model of the skeletal and muscle systems. He has to show on it the 3 major types of muscles, cartilage, ligaments/tendons, and the 3 major types of joints and how they work. You can not purchase a model, it all has to be from scratch. She assigned this on Tuesday, it's due Thursday. We have church practice tonight, and she doesn't want too much help from the parents!
Ooooh, she's beginning to drive me insane.

Liam is doing really well, he's been reading a lot, which has never been his strong suit.

Lore is fine, a happy little pain in the butt sometimes, but other than that he's great!

Tim has been working away a lot more, which is hard. But he was gone for over 3 months last year.... I can't complain about a week here or there this year.

I am fine, busy with work, and our upcoming programs. We have one this weekend, and we have another one on Thursday, December 21st. I am teaching all of them how to sing Mele Kalikimaka, which is really fun. We're going to make grass skirts out of crepe paper and flower leis too!

Thanksgiving was great, we spent some time with Tim's mom for the meal, then we went over to her sister's house. We had about 20 different types of desserts there, and then we went home too full to move!

Tim finally talked me into buying a fake Christmas tree.... This is really a long story, so I'll try to post about that tomorrow.

I finished a swap scarf that has taken me far longer than I wanted it too. It was what she asked for, not really my thing, but it's what she wanted. I'll have to post pics on that tomorrow too.

We have the Hanging of the Greens program at our church this weekend, so we are busy practicing for that. It's our church's annual big thing. The kids decorate the sanctuary and explain what the different decorations mean, and where they come from. It's neat to learn the different origins.

That's about it for now. I'll try to be a better blogger!

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