Monday, December 11, 2006

S'more Swaps

Well, I had 2 swaps, and both are sent out. Both are out of the country, so I don't know when they will arrive. Hopefully they don't read here, or I may spill the beans just a little.

The first one was an unconditional swap. She requested a circle scarf that looked like this one. Not my personal favorite scarf, but if everyone liked the same thing, the world would be pretty darn boring. So this is what I made for her.

It took longer than I had anticipated, but I think it looks similar to her wish.

The next swap is a magic yarn ball swap. There are tons of these around. I am in one that is through If you don't know what a magic yarn ball is, basicly it's when someone has a ball of yarn that the other person would like, then they re-roll the yarn adding gifts inside the ball. Then as the recipient you get all of these wonderful, hidden, surprises as you unroll your ball. I won't show all of the things I included yet, but I will show you the whole thing rolled up.

If you look carefully you could probably pick out a few things, maybe not. After she receives I'll post everything that I put into the ball.

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