Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My ball has arrived!

My swap partner has received her ball. I'm very glad it got there safe and sound.

I made a felted bag, with the broach on it. I made a kleenex holder, and I made a mini journal.

I also made an amish puzzle ball pincushion
Here's the rest of the things I included
4 balls of super soft yarn
2 darning needles,
4 mini cookie cutters,
sourpatch kids,
sweet tarts,
burt's bees lip chap
mini purple scissors,
post it notes,
striped knee high socks,
mini sharpie,
polka dot pencil,
2 bags of organic pepermint tea,
a fimo covered crochet hook,
some special edition hershey kisses, lindor truffles, and christmas nougat
I think that's everything.
And here it all is rolled up and ready to send. She said she liked it, and is crocheting it out right now!
This was such a fun swap!

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