Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Came and Went

Well, Halloween at our house is HUGE. There is no bigger holiday for us. Tim & my anniversary is on October 31st. We were married 9 years this year.

We didn't get nearly the decorations out that we wanted to, but we worked really hard to get some things out. Including a new crypt we had built to house our FCG (flying crank ghost,) named Moana. Well, it was heavy and wonderful and we were so excited. We set it up on Saturday, so a few people had mentioned how great it was already.... well, we had TERRIBLE winds on Monday night until Tuesday. And at about 7:00am Tuesday morning, as we were getting ready for work and school (running a bit behind already.) We heard a huge BOOM and looked outside to see what hit the house. Our big, heavy, wooden crypt smashed against our house and nearly hit the neighbor's house. So Tim and I had to quickly move it so it didn't blow into their house. The blacklight we had mounted inside blew up, so there was glass everywhere. And a big hunk of siding fell off our house also. We quickly picked all of that up. Got our costumes and stuff on and headed off for work/school. Sad in the knowledge that we were definitely not outdoing ourselves this year. (This has happened before 2 years ago our things got hit by a tornado, and last year we had 50 mile per hour winds with bigger gusts.)

We still had a great year. We had nearly 450 trick or treaters even though it was very cold out. (Not bad seeing as our population is only about 900.)

I started off my preschool where we had a great little party. The kids were so cute, and they had a great time bobbing for apples, playing pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, frosting and decorating pumpkin cookies, and such. We then went for a walk to all the local businesses. It was an adorable parade where we got quite a bit of candy, and tons of "oohs and aaahs". After that I scooted home to meet Tim for lunch and then we went to the boys' school where they were having their parade. We watched the whole school walk around the gym. We quick ran to a nearby town and grabbed some supper, and dashed back just in time for Trick or treaters to arrive. My wonderful step-mother took the boys trick or treating so my husband and I could spend some time together handing out glow bracelets to the kids. We had so much fun! Here are a few pictures of my costume, and the boys' costumes. Tim and I also had different costumes for a party we went to, but I don't have those pictures back yet.

Here's a group picture of the boys. I was holding them back for a picture. They wanted to get trick or treating.

Levi was Luigi from Mario brothers. He didn't care for the mustache, but I think he was pretty recognizable anyway.

Liam was a "Men in Black". Obviously he just ran after some aliens because he is a bit disheveled. And he's about to use his flashy thing on us.


At school the party was way more important then the makeup, but Lore is Fester Addams. He has a magic light bulb that lights up, but you don't see it in the picture. (none of the kids in his class knew who he was, but parents and teachers did!)

Here is a less than attractive picture of me, but you can see the whole costume here. I made everything except the white shirt, simply because I ran out of time.
Here's a close up of my face. The twins in my preschool class did not like the facial hair! They were a bit freaked out by it. None of the adults in the school knew who I was until I spoke, so I would say the costume was a success. I made the wig out of yarn, beads, and panty hose. The scarf I bought also on sale for $.75!

Last but not least are my boot-shoe covers. I had to do a lot of walking in the parades and stuff, and couldn't find comfortable boots, so I made these covers for the illusion of boots. I pinned the top to my pants, and there was elastic on the bottom to hold them down. They were wonderful! I've had to make quite a few of these in the past, but I'm beginning to get the hang of it. All in all it was a great year. The kids are already talking of next years costumes, and Tim is trying to talk me into letting him put concrete in the front yard for anchoring down props. (That won't happen)


kathy said...

hi love your blog i see on craftsorg you made a tea cup im so desparate for a pattern for a swap im making involving tea is there a pattern to make these tea cups

thank you kat

Tab said...

Thanks, I really don't have a specific pattern, the basic pattern came from here Without the beads, then I made a handle which to be honest I can't remember exactly what I did for it. And the lid was the same as the base basiclly. I then just made a tapered rectangle for the "tea bag" part.

It was quite a while ago, I don't quite remember completely and to be honest I never write down patterns. Sorry if I wasn't much help. Good luck!

Tab said...

Oh, And thanks so much for reading my blog!