Thursday, August 31, 2006

Harry Potter Kids Swap What We Sent

Well, our partner received their goodies, so we can now post the items we made. The boys worked very hard, and we are glad they like the stuff we sent.
Here's the group shot. The "H" Crest is a drawstring bag for the tic tac toe. There is a red & yellow swirl hat, gryffindor stencil shirt, and potter puff pillow & activity books. I made all of that. The boys made hemp/bead bracelets, bead rings, zipper pouches, "lightning bolt coins," and a dementor shrinky keychain, and another shrinky dink key chain. (I forgot to take pics of those.)

Here's a closer look at the Voldemort VS Harry potter tic tac toe. The blue thing is a drawstring bag for the marbles/pieces.
We had so much fun making all this stuff. It was really a great swap!

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*Crochet Mom* said...

wow!! that's amazing what you are your boys made! i bet someone was beyond thrilled to recieve that!

the potter puff pillow did you use a fabric pen on that to make harry? I am in LOVE with it!!!

once again, AMAZING!!!!