Friday, August 11, 2006

My sewing machine hates me!

I don't know what happened, I love my machine. Sure, he can be tempermental, but who doesn't get a bit cranky every now and then? I did some applique using wonder under, and it gunked up my needle, and made me skip stitches, and was darn right a mess. So I muttled through it not really loving it, but it did give the bag a charm. I cleaned up my machine, changed my needle, started sewing again, and it still isn't working. I've adjusted my tension, etc.. nothing seems to be helping. It is sewing lines, but the stitches are looking loose on top. Like the bottom thread is coming up through the top. I don't know what to do. Sometimes when I leave him alone he behaves better in the morning. I sure hope so. Anyway, this is the bag I made for a swap on It's a grocery tote. It's nice and big. I want to make some for myself.

Here's the whole bag

Here's a close up of the veggies. We've got a tomato (ok, yes EVERYONE knows it's a fruit, yet know one cares!) an ear of corn, a baby brussel sprout, (there is a reason for this I'll share later,) a carrot, and a celery. used fabrics for all the pieces except the corn tassel and the carrot greens. The faces I like some more than others.

Ok, brussel sprout story, I hate brussel sprouts not so much the taste, but the smell. I can't eat something that smells like feet. Anyway, since I don't like them I don't make them, since I don't make them my kids had never had them either. Well, one day we were leaving school, and my youngest son, Lore, says to me, "Why don't you ever let us have brussel sprouts?" To this I sort of chuckled, and looked around seeing all of the weird looks on people's faces. I explained to him " I don't really like them, so I never make them" Then he starts to whine a bit (very uncharacteristic of him,) and says, "THAT'S NOT FAIR, I WANT BRUSSEL SPROUTS! PLEASE make me brussel sprouts!!!!" Now I had people looking at me with such confusion. NO child ever BEGS for brussel sprouts.
Well we went to the store and all 3 of the were giddy with their bag of brussel sprouts. We got home and they had to try them right away!!! They took one bite and looked at each other and said... "wow they taste ok, but they smell horrible!" And now they won't eat them. I find it really funny..... maybe I'm the only one.


platitudinal said...

I love this bag. You are obviously a gifted artist ... your sewing machine is your paint brush :) Ahem, brussel sprouts smell? Yes, heavenly that is. Hehehe. (I gave away myself as a brussel sprout eater, didn't I?)

Ruthie said...

I found the best way to make brussell sprouts that don't stink is to sautee them in a little margerine or olive oil and add some sesame oil and soy sauce. I think they're delicious and they don't smell like nasty boiled cabbage.

Peace. I love the bag.

Tab said...

Thank you for the lovely comments. I will have to try out your suggestions ruthie thank you. I honestly don't want to dislike them.... but ugh, I need it to smell better =)