Sunday, August 06, 2006

Craft Room Clean Up

Inspired by the "Share Your Mess... Then let's clean it up" post on I have decided to post pictures of my horribly messy craft space. I'll be honest, I'm really embarrassed to be posting this, as it is filthy!

Here is my craft room, you can see tons of Halloween storage, fabric, gifts, boxes of costumes, yarn, etc...

Here is the closet in my craftroom, filled with school supplies, teacher thank you gifts, alginate & plasters for mask making (along with my husband's plaster head) And tons of miscellaneous. I am truly hoping to work on this and get myself more organized! Tips are welcome!

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platitudinal said...

My husband will laugh if he knows I'm about to give an organizing tip as I'm known as The Messy One, but here goes, "How about containerize the supply in groups? Like one big container for paper stuff, another for fabric?" (now I slink back to my messy corner)